Who We Are at IdyleWild


elyssa - copy - final copyI created IdyleWild from a lifelong passion for horses, my experiences as a teacher and mentor of students with learning difficulties, and my own love of teaching and learning.

I have had the wonderful fortune of spending 40 years of my life with horses. I have enjoyed a multitude of experiences, from riding in hunter-jumper “fun shows” to showing on the tri-state American Saddle Horse Association circuit to competing in amateur team-penning. I’ve trained and taught riding lessons professionally, and I have managed boarding facilities.

Best of all, I never stop learning.  I have a Post-Master’s Certification in Equine-Assisted Learning and an Associate’s Degree in Equine Management. I have completed Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification (Phase 2) through the PA Council on Therapeutic Horsemanship, have PATH Int’l certification as an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning, and ARIA certification as a recreational riding instructor.

IMG_1220 IdyleWild’s mission is to provide students, trainers, clinicians, and equine practitioners with a place to fully explore a deep, meaningful connection to horses.  Whether you are looking to enhance your skills as a rider, cultivate an understanding of the ways that horses communicate from the ground, or explore the possibility of experiencing both, IdyleWild will hold the space for you to BE in the Realm of Horse.

Every day, my horses empower me with strength. They fill my heart and soul with joy, love and inspiration. IdyleWild is my way of sharing these magnificent gifts with you.

~ Elyssa

Let’s connect!  Fill out the contact form below and let’s explore the Realm of Horse together!

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