In the Realm of Horse




1005401_10151497074657887_431745071_nNothing brings peace to a woman’s soul like a horse. If you’ve never had the opportunity to be with a horse, this may sound like a peculiar thing to say. But it’s true. Horses heal the heart and soothe the soul. It’s for this simple reason that I created IdyleWild Farm. In the place and in the space of IdyleWild, you can enter the realm of Horse where you can learn to BE in life and face its complexities with power, inspiration, and grace.

As human beings, we don’t see things as they are. Instead, we see things as we are. For example, I like to think of myself as open-minded and objective. I like to think that I am strong and brave, whole and complete, all on my own. But then my past catches up with me, or my insecurities overtake me, or my circumstances overshadow my understanding of who I really am. I no longer feel related or connected, not to myself or to the people around me. Then I go out to the barn, or to the pasture, or to wherever my horse is, and those constraints disappear. I see the world with quiet clarity, and I recapture a piece of the power that life often takes when no one is looking. So how can this be? How can walking in the realm of Horse empower a tired soul, breathe life back into a weary spirit, or inspire a hurting heart?

IMG_20131101_171834_561Horses aren’t like human beings. They have no filters that influence how they interpret the world around them.  In the wild, their only agenda is to survive. If they want to live, horses must be present to their reality in every moment. Regardless of their circumstances, regardless of what may have happened in the past, horses’ reactions are genuine and reflect what’s really happening. So when you interact with a horse, and a horse interacts with you, you are given the unique opportunity to gain a new, and perhaps more authentic perspective about yourself and who you are being in the world.

Oreo and ChaseWhen we watch and when we listen, horses will always lead us back to a place where we can see things as they are and as they should be. Through their size and strength, horses empower and inspire. Through their gentle and forgiving nature, horses fill human hearts with love. Through a spirit that has accompanied human beings for more than 5000 years, horses open doors to freedoms once unknown. If you watch and listen, horses will show you the way to your authentic self.

I’ve spent my life with horses. When I’ve been lost or  overwhelmed or drained of all of my energy, or when my life  has taken me far away, I’ve always made my way back to the  comfort of the barn and the warmth of horses. Why? Because  I know  that when I lose my way, horses will always bring me  back home.

IIMG_20131101_172718_335dyleWild Farm’s mission is to open up the space and the place for you to learn from a horse and open the door to transformation of Self. Our riding programs and workshops exist so that you can empower yourself to face your fears, find your freedom, and create and live the life that you want to live. By being with horses, you may just learn a little more about what it is to be whole, to be complete, to be a human being. So I invite you to experience IdyleWild Farm, where horses are waiting to help you wake your dream.

To learn about our horses, our programs, or if you are just curious for more information, contact me.  I’d love to explore the Realm of Horse with you.


Elyssa Doner, IdyleWild Farm

Phone: 610-314-6883



2 thoughts on “In the Realm of Horse

  1. Wow! This article reached the deepest recesses of my soul, reminding me of my passion and the purpose-filled journey I am on. Thank you for the reminder! I needed that today! I look forward to your future posts!


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